100 Day Project

three abstract paintings on paper by Marianne Morris

Studies on paper completed as part of my 100 Day Project. I will be giving away some of these small studies over the course of the project. Sign up for my studio updates to be eligible to win. 

My internet has been down.

It’s not like a little blip, it was down for the better part of the past week, only getting back up after a 3 hour visit from a Bell technician who sorted out the issue with the phone line.

I’m not going to rant…. But BELL. Oh. My. Gawd. The could stand to learn a thing or two about customer service. Just saying.

Anyway… I’ve been taking a little break from my 100 day project to get some original artwork up on my website, and try to get myself back to a happy place. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the list of things I should be doing but wasn’t getting to. I’ve caught up a bit, and am going to try to get back on a schedule so things don’t get behind again.

I was ready to get back to my painting when my internet went down. I don’t use the internet to paint… in my world, painting is best done without anything else to distract me. What I needed the internet for was this project. 100 days of inspiration requires research. So instead of going to look at art, I headed outside to see what was going on out there.

My world is in bloom. Finally. We had a few nice days, and suddenly what was frozen and dead looking is now in full flower. I have a Forsythia bush in my front garden. Two weeks ago I was wondering if it was still alive. It showed no sign of anything. Now I have this fabulous mass of yellow flowers out there. It’s glorious. My tulips and daffodils are up… not quite as plentiful as I was expecting but I know some urban wildlife quite like to dig up the bulbs, so I’m not really surprised about that. My neighbours magnolia tree is also blooming. There are quite a few of these trees in the neighbourhood…. Always so great to walk down the street and see them all in full flower.

All these flowers around have got me wondering why I have never painted a floral. Seriously, I can’t remember ever painting one, not even as an exercise in school or as a gift for someone. The only time I can remember painting a flower was last year in Portugal, and still, the main subject was the butterfly, not the flowers. It’s not that I don’t like flowers… I do. I garden. I’ve had a garden since I’ve had a house and I always plant flowers that can be cut and brought inside. I love having them around. They may not ever be a “thing” for me, but maybe I should give it a go and see if I can create something decent.

As usual, I am posting lots of stuff for this 100 day project on Instagram. And I’ve been using Pinterest to categorize my images, even creating a special board for the project. If you’re interested, you can follow along there. And if you are doing the #100dayproject yourself, drop me a link in the comments. I love to see what other people are up to.