Burden of Proof

Abstract image in red and gold with collaged moth

Title: Burden of Proof
Size: 10x10" 
Medium: Acrylic and graphite on wood panel
Series: 100 Square Project

The inspiration from this project came from the simple colour combination of grey, red and bronze. My husband and I recently renovated the kitchen in our home, and the colour combo reflects my need to tie together the neutral greys in the new kitchen to the tan and reds in the rest of the house. It bugged me that the grey seemed so out of place... particularly when I liked it so much. 

I've been looking at a lot of collage art, and wanted to incorporate some element of collage into this piece. The little moth illustration is all I could manage. I had a few other things on there, but they were eventually covered as they didn't really seem to be working. I wasn't thinking so much about the symbolism as I was going along, but now that the piece is finished I can see that it fits with the theme that emerged. When I look at this, I feel like something is hiding in the deeper layers... like if I scraped back the surface, I would find something totally different underneath. A moth usually symbolizes intuition. It is that intuition that would prompt you too look beneath the surface. 

As an intuitive artist I find it interesting what turns up in the finished painting. I feel like I don't so much create the piece as find it. Of course, what I see and what someone else sees are often quite different. I love talking to people about what they see in an abstract work. Do you see something in this piece? Leave me a comment and let me know!