Disarming Melodies of First Light

Title: Disarming Melodies of First Light
Size: 10x10" 
Medium: Acrylic and graphite on wood panel
Series: 100 Square Project

I saw some green poking through the soil last week. We had a couple warmer days, and suddenly the snow is gone. Oh, it's still winter... until March is over I can't declare it done. But it is ending, and I've seen proof.

I've heard birds in my neighbourhood. Not just a few birds... it's like there are a hundred birds that live in this one particular tree, and in the afternoon it's been so loud it drowns out the traffic. There is also this particular spot on the highway on my drive home from work. There is a bridge that passes over a river, and I'm often stuck in traffic right at that spot. There are hydro lines there where the birds congregate. Loads of them, passing from the wires to the green space on the other side, and back to the wires. I consider myself lucky that I get to stop right there and watch. 

I've been trying to get outside more. Just get out more, really. I've been spending too much time alone, and I know that's not really that good for me. I kind of lose touch with what's going on in the world... it's just me, my painting, and my family. So the last few weeks I've been making a point of leaving the house. My husband and I went to Buffalo and saw a great show at the Albright-Knox (we went to a hockey game too... trying to diversify my interests). The weather wasn't ideal, but we had fun just the same. I also went to a jazz club to see a band. On a weeknight no less! ILiving life on the edge! Ok, I felt like I needed a caffine intravenous the next day, but still...

But seriously, getting out in the world has helped my mindset immensely. A daily walk through the local park while it's still daylight is something I aspire to... it's been easier since the temperatures are more regularly over the freezing mark. I still have a hard time convincing myself it's a good thing to do when I'm tired and it's cold and wet out. But it's happening more often, and that's a good thing. 

Give me a couple weeks and I may feel like myself again.