Early Morning Rain

Early Morning Rain Abstract painting in blues and greens by Canadian artist Marianne Morris

Title: Early Morning Rain
Size: 10x10"
Medium: Acrylic and graphite on wood panel
Series: 100 Square Project

I've set myself a few rules for this project. Not many, because in reality, I know that I don't like rules and am not likely to follow them. I'm just wired like that. 

The first, and I suppose most important rule, is that I can't buy anything specifically to work on these pieces, with exception of the supports. I have a huge stash of paint and art related materials. Stuff I bought for a class and never ended up using, stuff I bought out of curiosity but couldn't figure out how to use, stuff I was given by friends who used to paint but don't any longer. 

I was wondering through an art supply store with a friend last week and I SO wanted to buy something. There were these beautiful watercolour crayons on sale. There was a set of large size palette knives for a great price I'm sure I could have put to good use. I resisted and left empty handed. (I regret not buying those knives... )

I am, slowly but surely, getting through my stash. This is painting #31 in the series. I'm still working with that tube of pink, which is getting close to empty, and I've started in on a jar of Phalo Green that I think I actually may have bought at some time. It is such a heavily staining colour, and so intense that I couldn't figure out how to use it properly, but mixed with magenta and/or yellow oxide I get some lovely hues.

This painting came together surprisingly fast. That happens sometimes. The paint isn't quite as thick as I like, so there isn't as much texture as on some of my other pieces, but the shapes, colours and lines work together so well I couldn't bring myself to go back and add to it. I got out a metal ruler to add some straight lines on this one... and while it was out I scraped out some lines, actually gouging into the wood a bit, which gives it a bit of something interesting. I know I've got some carving tools around from when I was doing print making... maybe I'll have a look around and see if I can find them. I'm sure I could do something interesting with those. Oh and I've still got my carved blocks.....