Of Days Long Gone

Abstract painting in red, grey and gold by Toronto artist Marianne Morris

Title: Of Days Long Gone
Size: 10x10" 
Medium: Acrylic and graphite on wood panel
Series: 100 Square Project

Sometimes, the things that intrigue me are way more scientific than I can comprehend. I have an avid curiosity about the brain, and will read these articles on neuroscience that I only vaguely understand, but I find them interesting just the same. I read one recently that talked about memory, and how time, layered on the act of recalling a memory will actually alter it. Like I said, I only vaguely understand.

The whole idea of memory interests me. The way a person can forget or ignore parts of an event, and thus convince themselves it was better than it was. I know a couple people who talk about high school as if it was the highpoint of their lives, when for the average person, high school just wasn't that wonderful. For some it is downright awful. Could it really be that much better for the gifted few? Or are they living in some delusional world where everything is sunshine and roses?

"Of Days Gone By" is my ode to memory. Out of the misty grey comes the few brilliant events that stand in sharp contrast, the colour intense and sparkling. There are hazy bits of things only partially remembered, the actual facts a layer on the very bottom, covered by the mists of time. 

I'm not sure I quite got the feeling I was going for here, but I'm satisfied that it works as a piece of art. I may revive this idea for a future piece and try again. If I remember.