Spring Fever

Title: Spring Fever
Size: 10x10" 
Medium: Acrylic and graphite on wood panel
Series: 100 Square Project

I've been working on a little series of pieces using colours I think of when I think "Spring". It's part mood therapy for me, and part exercise in creating a feeling in a painting. With each season being so distinctly different here, there are definitely specific colours that I associate with each one. Not that I've ever really sat down and thought about it before.

Warm yellows and oranges remind me of sunshine and bright sunlit mornings. Of lying in bed, woken by the sun streaming in the windows through thin curtains, a welcome warm breeze against my skin. 

That is not at all the feeling I get when I look at this painting. THIS... this is a blindingly bright sunny day after weeks of dreariness. It's the first hint of warmth in the air after months of fridgid cold. It's that overwhelming joy at being outside and not having the air hurt your face. A bit more frenzied and chaotic than what I was going for, but it still feels like spring. Especially this one.